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Video Capture

Please try Capture Mode if Download Mode can't help you save your videos. Capture Mode can capture any video with audio from any website by recording directly from your PC screen. It's powerful and magical.

1. Open video capture

Switch to Video Capture window and click the New Record button to start a new capture task.

Open video capture

2. Navigate to a target website

A new browser window will be opened. It will load a blank webpage automatically. Please enter the URL of the video you want to capture.

Navigate to a target website

3. Capture task settings

Please pause your video if it plays automatically.

(1) A Transparent Window will be shown over the video area (see below). You can resize or move this window to fine-tune the recording area.

(2) A Setting Window will also popup (see below). You can change Task Name, Capture Duration, Video Format, and Video Quality. Click the Next button when you finish your settings.

Capture task settings


Manually show setting window: Please click the Camera button to pop Transparent Window and Setting Window if they are not popping up automatically.

Set capture duration: Please find the total duration of your playing video and set suitable capture duration you need. The capture task will automatically stop when the record time reaches your capture duration.

Choose video quality: Video Capture will automatically choose a video quality for you. You could choose high quality if you want to save HD videos.

Buffering video: If your net speed is slow or inconsistent, you can try pausing the video for a while before capturing it.

4. Confirm to capture

Setting the window will switch to a new frame (see below). You have two ways to start your capture task:

  1. Play/resume your video and click the Camera button.

  2. Wait for the countdown timer, and play/resume your video just before the timer is finished.

Confirm to capture

You must play/resume your video before the countdown timer is finished or click the Record Now button.

5. Manage capture task

The capture browser window will be hidden when the capture task starts. All capture work will magically run in the background (no image, no audio, and without being disturbed).

A capture task will be added. You can see the thumbnail, process, recorded file size, and elapsed time of a task. The audio of the capture browser is muted. You can hear a task's audio when you select it.

Manage capture task

6. Post Capture

Capture will be stopped automatically, and video will be saved to your hard drive when the record time reaches the Capture Duration.

You can also click the Stop&Save button to stop one capture task at any time. The captured video file will be found in the Finished Tasks` frame.

Post Capture

Special Attention

A capture task will cost more than 20% of your CPU. So, the audio and video of captured videos are often out of sync if you run three or more capture tasks at the same time.